Leadership Development

From frontline operational leaders to entrepreneurs in emerging markets, Rebecca supports leaders’ personal and organizational transformations with custom-designed

  • training courses,
  • team retreats and
  • keynote speeches.

Need inspiring programming for an event?

Media & Communication

Get expert guidance for your media endeavors. Few strategists possess Dr. Self’s

  • academic understanding:
    Ph.D. in Media & Cultural Studies,
  • professional expertise:
    started her career with NBC in California, and
  • personal experience:
    Rebecca’s had tweets trend on Twitter and enjoyed a global following on her blog.


Rebecca works toward equality and justice for women around the world by:

  • supporting organizations committed to gender parity through the highest levels of leadership,
  • empowering women entrepreneurs in emerging markets through connections, consulting and coaching;
  • sponsoring girls’ education.


In keynotes and workshops from campuses to corporations, Dr. Self weaves stories & statistics to move audiences from inspiration to impact. Engage and activate your organization.


Rebecca provides world-class design and delivery of leadership & organizational development programs. Ignite shared purpose. Unleash expertise, drive and motivation.


Expert guidance for your next leadership retreat, strategic team-building, Board meeting, or large group event. See possibilities over problems. Chart a way forward together.


Award-winning Professor with 15+ years experience at the Master’s and undergraduate levels in Business, Communication and Sociology departments in Europe and the US.


Could you use external expertise for a particular challenge, question or opportunity? Dr. Self has over 15 years strategic consulting experience across industries and functions.  


Executive coaching, group coaching or coach training for your organization’s leaders. Call upon 15 years experience coaching leaders on 5 continents. Clients include Nokia and Maersk.

Clients & Partners

People Say

“Rebecca is an incredible educator with an unprecedented strength of delivery in the classroom. I’ve never seen industry professionals so moved…”

Sarah Schwab

GM EMEA, Thunderbird School of Global Management

“I’m starting law school because of your class. You opened my eyes to so much of the world. I am a former Marine… but you made me BELIEVE in Justice.”

Chris Lebens

University of Idaho

People Say

“Rebecca’s ability to engage with individuals and groups from all walks of life is second to none. Her energy, commitment and passion continues to amaze us.”

Adam Ahmed

Head of Corporate Training, RasGas

“My friend, Rebecca Self, personifies that which she promotes: leadership as a way of being, and ‘If not me, who?’” (in 2009 HuffingtonPost  article)

Ellen Snortland

author, Huffington Post

People Say

“When I began taking on leadership roles, I immediately reached out to Rebecca for inspiration. I use her actions as examples…”

Karrie Ramsay

Co-Chair, Women's Development Network, Starbuck's

“I didn’t expect you to be this good! I’m amazed at how inspired, motivated and excited I feel after these conversations.”

Amy Carroll

certified coach & coaching client, Switzerland

“[This] has transformed my life forever. I am empowered in ways I never could have imagined.”

R. Bagaria

Kathmandu, Nepal

“This isn’t just a training. It changed my life.

frontline leader

SafMarine, Antwerp, Belgium

“I’m in your course because whatever my husband got 6 months ago…
I want that too!

leadership training

SafMarine, Cape Town, South Africa

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

― Howard Thurman