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Leaders work with Rebecca to increase focus, clarity, & momentum.

Rebecca L. Self, Ph.D.I teach, inspire, and connect leaders all over the world.

We are at a fascinating moment in history when companies could determine how we approach many of the world’s greatest challenges:

  • Will we harness and capitalize on the creativity and skills of Millennials?
  • Will women’s leadership expand across sectors?
  • Will corporate social responsibility reside at the core of organizational cultures?
  • Will we transform our relationship to the earth, leading sustainable organizations?


This is no time for complacency.

My role as a catalyst is moving leaders and teams beyond the question of “how” to practical actions we can take together now. I’ve worked with multinational executives across industries (energy, shipping, telecomm, automotive, financial services and more) on five continents to develop readiness and commitment  to respond powerfully to the world today.


It’s easy to lose our way:

to get distracted by others’ requests, short-term thinking, toxic cultures, or low-priority tasks. It’s possible to refocus on work that makes a difference. Let’s find your way back to your priorities, strengths and values.

Focused, committed leaders make a difference in the world.

In academic, corporate or not-for-profit settings, I support great ideas and leaders. Frontline leaders in the Philippines, female entrepreneurs in Tanzania, University students in Europe and the U.S.:


Let’s bring energy and focus to conversations that move the world forward.


RLS About

Rebecca works at the intersection of leadership, communication, and global trends. She has led transformational courses to leaders in over 35 countries on 5 continents, working with leaders in mainland China, Maersk ship captains, at the Suez Canal, and energetic groups across the African continent. In 2013 she co-designed and through 2017 facilitated Thunderbird School of Global Management’s largest executive education program in the Middle East.

Starting her career with NBC-TV in San Diego, US West’s Center for Digital Culture, and the Gronstedt Group, a cutting-edge virtual learning consultancy, gave Rebecca early experience in digital transformation & learning. Her work with women entrepreneurs worldwide has been featured in Huffington Post, Ode magazine, and earned an invitation to speak at TEDx London Business School.

Dr. Self holds a PhD in media and culture from the University of Colorado-Boulder, where she taught for ten years and was named one of the ten best graduate instructors (from over 1200) on the University of Colorado campus.

In live events, Rebecca shares memorable, sometimes funny, and inspiring personal stories of resilience and triumph in the face of terrible odds and risks she questions in hindsight. She lives in Zürich, Switzerland with her husband and unusually large dog.

Rebecca supports education through Room to Read and the BlinkNow Foundation.

“You make people’s dreams come true; you’re the Dream Maker!”

Kyra Gaunt

TED Fellow, Professor

“There are a handful of people in this world I strive to be more like, and you are one of them. Thank you for teaching me.”

anonymous student feedback

Franklin University Switzerland

“You’re the Connector of Changemakers!”

Toyin Ajao


Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.

—John Maxwell