People are always asking, “What do you do?” With 3 interdisciplinary degrees & a wildly varied portfolio career, I’m never quite sure what to say. A recent employer even said to me, “I’m not sure how to describe to people what you do. It’s amazing, but I don’t know what to call it.”

I’m what Richard Martin & Kenneth Mikkelsen refer to as a neogeneralist (in their book The Neo-Generalist: Where You Go is Who You Are). Some days I’m working on detailed, specialist tasks, other days it’s broad, strategic questions and projects.

I suspect this may be the case for my interesting network of colleagues and friends, too. As a result, on or around most Fridays, I’ll be posting (on LinkedIn & my blog) a short list of the projects I’ve been engaged in during the past week. I’d love to hear about yours, too.

This week, three different organizations of varying sizes and in different industries each asked about digital disruption & transformation of L&D, specifically strategy and program proposals for transforming their traditional face-to-face training programs (on three different topics) into digital and blended learning solutions. I love this kind of work! It combines creative challenges and strategic thinking with leading small teams writing proposals, and I got to connect two of my employers, Anders Gronstedt & Zoran Todorovic. I hope this will lead to a fruitful partnership for both of your organizations and the client company.

I’m also learning about Sustainable Leadership for an event & publication idea I have around leadership in fossil fuels, fashion, food/agribusiness and shipping. This is a long-term project.

Finally, I spent one day working on, not in, my business, processing paperwork, invoicing, etc.

What about you? What did you work on this week?

For contrast, last week I was in the Middle East facilitating a 3-day leadership transition program for 20 frontline leaders. It was a very different week.